A different kind of museum


A different kind of museum

Today the municipal museum of Alingsås, Sweden, opens after a four-year hiatus and a major makeover. The museum is located in the town's oldest building, and Stylt Trampoli have helped to create a new concept for the museum, resulting in a museum that engages with the present and the future as well as with the past.

Alingsås is the birth place of Jonas Alströmer, a founding member of the Royal Swedish Academy of the Sciences in 1739, and the man who brought the potato to Swedish dinner tables (outside Alingsås, his fame is sadly disproportionate to the Swedes' near-bottomless love for the tuber).

The museum's ambition is to create energy and activity in Alingsås by involving local residents in the museum and its exhibits and events. Activities such as cartooning workshops, MineCraft sessions, vehicle concerts, future capsules, 3D-printing and painting workshops, film screenings, Lego-robot-building and theatrical plays as well as art exhibits provide plenty of opportunities for engagement.