Harrys - a new look for a Swedish favourite

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Harrys Gothenburg - a new look for a Swedish favourite

The Story

The story of Harrys, a Swedish chain of food pubs, starts in the small town of Falkenberg, where there once was a grocery store owned and operated by one Harry Nilsson. Harry was a shopkeeper of the old school - the kind they don't make any more. He knew all his customers by name (and a good deal more) and his shop was as much a meeting place as a place to get the necessities of life. 

The store was packed with goods from near and far, fragrant and colourful, enchanting the local children, including young Magnus Helgesson, who was to become one of the founders of Harrys.

Magnus's mother would send him to the store to buy milk, but soon, resourceful Magnus came up with the bright idea of adding chewing gum to the shopping list. To Magnus's great satisfaction, Harry Nilsson the grocer kept a straight face and added the extra post to Magnus's mother's bill.  

When Magnus Helgesson, Ulf Haggren and Leif Olsson started Harrys, many years later, the name was a homage to the old grocer and a sign of their shared ambition to run a pub that recreated the feel of that old grocer's store: warm, personal, unpretentious. Harrys would welcome everyone, and have an exciting range of high-quality products.

The Challenge

Twenty years and over 40 new locations later, Harrys was more popular than ever, but the brand, like the interiors of the pubs, was in need of an update. Stylt was brought in to create a new look for Harrys - a look that would communicate its core values of good food, good company, and a warm welcome in a new way. Being a franchise operations, Harrys also needed a more consistent - but still flexible - communications concept to reinforce the perception of one consistent brand, from one end of the country to the other.  

The launch of a new location, in Gothenburgh (Sweden's second-largest city) proved the perfect opportunity to create a new Harrys, from the wallcoverings to the beermats.

The Solution

Harrys Gothenburg is warm and welcoming with a contemporary rustic touch. The old grocer's shop returns in the shape of wooden crates, vintage tins and boxes, and of course Harry himself, whose portrait is now at the heart of the brand's communication, as well as its history. Other parts of the design plays around with retro elements, interpreted in a modern way, such as the wallpaper patterns that were created exclusively for Harrys. The new simplified version of the well-known logo includes the tag line "I gott sällskap" ("In good company"), which has also become the hashtag that Harrys uses on social media.

All graphic materials, such as menus, beer mats, signage, and packaging for Harrys' own beer, whisky and condiments, has been redesigned. Harrys now looks exactly like the welcoming, no-nonsense food pub it always was - and for the first time, its Swedish roots and the story behind the brand is visible to everyone. 

The new restaurant will serve as a showcase for Harrys franchisees from all over the country, who will adopt the new look in stages.