How we work

What's our secret sauce? Storytelling.

Storytelling is our tool for bringing brands to life, and a communicative resource that gives a genuine competitive advantage. A Stylt story can leverage the customer herself as a marketer, creating word-of-mouth publicity, and story-based concepts are well insulated against fluctuating fashions.

Stories are the red threads in our concepts, guiding every aspect of development, from brand positioning to plate decoration. This results in consistent, engaging and memorable design, which in turn creates consistent, engaging and memorable customer experiences. Our range of competences means we're uniquely suited to create, design and stage such concepts, and deliver such experiences.

We are not architects, or designers, or communication experts, or concept developers - we are all that and much more, and we swim comfortably in the fast-moving waters were practitioners of purer arts are all too often swept away, screaming piteously, towards the deep sea of confusion.


Our Process

Stylt’s working process is structured into three stages, covering the entire span of development, from the first inkling of an idea to opening day, and beyond.

Stage 1 - The emotional plan

The Emotional Business Plan is the core of our offering - the script of the movie and the blueprint for the experience. It answers the most important question for anyone in hospitality: why should anyone come to my restaurant/bar/hotel?

Where other design agencies go straight to the drawing table without considering the business reasoning behind the design, trusting that design alone (if sufficiently exciting) will be enough, we take a step back in order to start at the true beginning: developing a solid business opportunity, along with engaging, well-differentiated and profitable products. In our opinion, design alone can never create as strong a concept as design combined with business sense.

Stylt’s creative concept developers consider the owner’s vision in the light of our solid experience of the hospitality market, and our in-depth knowledge of consumer behaviour and preferences. The story emerges, and the brand platform (which includes important core values, smart positioning, a tailor-made identity, and effective communication strategies) is put into place. We map the emotional content and power of this plan, and work out detailed solutions to make the most of the existing conditions. In short, we develop the best possible hospitality business idea for that location, those customers, this building, and that owner.

The result is a presentation document that describes exactly how to create a specific, successful hospitality business, and that can also guide effective tactical development for years to come.

Stage 2 - Creating the look

Now the design professionals - interior architects, designers, artists, illustrators and art directors - pull out all the stops, and get to work in earnest. The story starts to find its physical shape in the form of furniture, fittings, fabrics, props, artwork, lighting, and communication materials such as menus, labels, logos, tableware and stationery.

Our Trading department use their connections all over the globe to source the right furniture, props, textiles and other décor, ensuring that the story can be told exactly as laid out in the Emotional Business Plan (and, of course, smooth and timely logistics and excellent value).

Entering Stage 2 without a having done Stage 1 would be like throwing darts at a fancy furniture catalogue and buying whatever you hit - a random collecting of unconnected stuff (however pretty), a wayward exercise in futility, and, in our opinion, a senseless and shocking waste of client time. For this reason, we strongly recommend that our process is embraced in its entirety.

Stage 3 - Making it real

Finally, we deliver blueprints and drawings, originals, digital products, and the interiors are built and decorated as planned. Naturally, we are fully available throughout the building process, supporting contractors and suppliers, contributing to a high-quality, timely build. Our designers put the finishing touches in: furnishing and decorating down to the last candlestick and perfectly-placed picture.

If desired, our web developers can deliver a fully functioning home page, and our PR- department can provide publicity photos, event plans and social media strategies for the launch - all based on the story, and the original Emotional Business Plan.


What we believe

Stylt Trampoli does not create nice-looking spaces for hoteliers or restaurateurs - we create experiences for their customers. We believe your customers deserve inspiring places and memorable moments, experiences that will earn a place in their hearts and keep them coming back again and again, and we believe you want a profitable, durable business with great potential for success and minimal risk.