KHL Sports bar


KHL Sports bar

The history of Eastern European hockey is definitely a success story with delicate details. So when the Kontinental Hockey League, KHL, decided to build a Sports Bar in Riga, Latvia, we were very proud to be a part of it. And on the 21th of January 2012 the doors opened up to the new unique Sports Bar where the guests can experience the magic of hockey in a way that they never have seen it before. The team spirit and the live atmosphere are the cornerstones on which the restaurant is built. And we know that KHL is not the biggest hockey league, but that’s fine, because KHL plays in a totally different league.    

The interior is inspired by the thoughts behind the tactics, the inspiration behind the technique and the stories behind the success. The result is a welcoming and inspiring restaurant where people meet and experience the world of KHL, the artistry of sports and the power of team spirit. With big brains, even bigger heart and slightly smaller burgers it’s well suited for both families and dedicated hockey fans. The opening hours of the Sports Bar stretches from the morning to the night and offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and classic pub grub. Enough said. You have probably already understood that it’s not your ordinary Sports Bar – It’s the KHL Sports Bar.

An enjoyable restaurant. A place to meet.
A stadium to experience in. An inspiring retreat.
The world of KHL. And all the sports that you seek.
KHL Sports bar. We’re the blades beneath your feet. 

“Always seek new paths. If you can’t find any – carve them out yourself. Never stop progressing and never, ever copy from others. You’ll just end up two steps behind.”

Wise words from a wise hockey coach.