Scandic Paasi Helsinki


Scandic Paasi Helsinki

Jugglers and politicians, carpenters and clowns; rock groups, agitators, lion tamers and stone cutters; ballerinas, philosophers, wrestlers and tango dancers. For 150 years, they have all gathered in Helsinki’s Siltasaari area, creating a dramatic, dynamic and spectacular ambience.

On this location, factories were once established as well as a circus which attracted stars from all over Europe. Then the Paasitorni Community Center was built – a place for hard work and education, for recreation, sports, music and entertainment. And this is the place where we have created a joyful hotel with a taste of the destination, inspired by these colorful characters from the neighborhood.An arena of personalities from the past and the present.

You’re more than welcome to join us.

Scandic Paasi - Arena of personalities