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Erik spills the beans about Stylt's work and projects all over the world on a regular basis. In addition to giving talks and seminars at dozens of international hospitality industry trade fairs, conferences and training events, Erik has also participated in TEDx. 

Who is he?

Erik Nissen Johansen is the founder and creative director of Stylt Trampoli, an award-winning multidisciplinary agency focusing on the hospitality and tourism industries. From our offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, we have been creating unique concept for hotels and restaurants around Scandinavia and Europe for over twenty years. By working with integrated teams comprising skills like concept- and business development, branding, interior architecture, design, communications and marketing, Stylt creates some of the best experiences in the business. How? Storytelling. 

Erik was born in Oslo 1965, and graduated in 1985 from the L'Istituto per l'Arte e il Restauro in Florence, with a diploma in art, art history, marketing and design. Erik’s parallel career as an artist has seen him exhibit his work, both solo and as part of a group, throughout Europe and the US. Erik is also the author of the book Storytelling as a marketing tool for the experience economy together with Scandinavia’s foremost expert in marketing of hospitality and tourism, Professor Lena Mossberg. In the year 2000 he was named Businessman of the Year by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. 

Under Erik’s leadership, Stylt has won many awards, including two European Hotel Design Awards, the Swedish Design Prize, and the World Hotel Award. Stylts projects are regularly featured in design blogs like

What's the talk about?

Today’s consumers are searching for meaningful experiences. At Stylt, our response is to work with compelling stories that are bring out genuine emotional responses and real engagement. Our working process, where we combine our various skills into a seamless whole, is designed to maximise innovation and encourage fresh thinking. The result is unforgettable customer experiences and durable, profitable businesses that are easier to launch and market because they stand out from the crowd.

Obviously, this thinking does not just apply to hotels and restaurants - we believe that using concepts and communications based on stories can make a real difference for anyone working with customer experiences.

Who is it for?

Our talks are aimed at the hospitality industry, but will interest anyone in retail, marketers, spa- and health club operators, architects, tourism developers - anyone who wants to find out more about how storytelling can be used to create strong businesses. The talk can be given in English, Swedish or Norwegian (comes with bonus treats).

Most importantly - how long does it go on for?

The material can be adapted for anything from a 20-minute burst of inspiration to multi-day workshops or training programmes. 

Curious? Call Elisabeth, who manages Eriks calendar, on +46 (0)707 266266 or email with your questions, plans or ideas.