News: We won the German design award with Huus!


We won the German design award with Huus!

At the German design awards ceremony in Frankfurt in January our HUUS Hotel Gstaad was named winner!  

In the Jurys own words: "An appealing design concept that establishes an enduring connection to the unique landscape and that recurs ubiquitously via the use of natural materials" 


Case study: Gotthards Krog, Umeå, Sweden


Gotthards Krog, Umeå, Sweden

Gotthards Krog is the restaurant of Stora Hotellet, our saltwater-scented grand hotel in northern... more»

News: Sneak peek: Stora Hotellet Umeå


Sneak peek: Stora Hotellet Umeå

Here are the first pictures from Stora Hotellet Umeå, a project that is quickly nearing completion. When it opened in 1895, it housed both the grandest hotel in town, and a hostelry for seamen. That clash is the inspiration for this concept, which mixes the sumptuous and the simple, the refined and rough - sea spray and champagne.  ... more»