Stylt was founded in 1991 by Erik Nissen Johansen, a Norwegian visionary and artist with a passion for creative concepts and engaging experiences. In the years since, the agency has grown and expanded and today employs over fifty people, including a range of competences from artists and designers to architects, interior designers, engineers, developers, copywriters and art directors. From offices in Gothenburg, Sweden, Stylt tackles projects throughout Scandinavia and beyond. So far the portfolio includes over 400 restaurants, about 250 hotels and a variety of destinations. 

Stylt’s core product is a new communication tool - storytelling. As designers, Stylt will go a few steps further than just using design as a profiling tool. As a communication agency, we see opportunities in integrating all communication in order to give clarity to the message. A good story becomes the foundation for clear, attractive and highly distinctive concepts. What we do better than anyone is to stage a story using customer-centered and experience-based communication. To do this we draw on our insights into human desires and behaviors, our twenty-plus years of experience of the hospitality industry, and also on our understanding of trends in contemporary culture.

In short, we are not architects, or designers, or communication experts, or concept developers - we are all that and much more, and we swim comfortably in the fast-moving waters were practitioners of purer arts are all too often swept away, screaming piteously, towards the deep sea of confusion.

Read about Road Map®, the "emotional business plan" that is at the heart of all our projects, or book a talk with Erik to find out more about our philosophy and our projects.