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Hospitality design extraordinaire

Stylt is a multi-award-winning branding and design agency, founded 1988 by Erik Nissen Johansen in Gothenburg, Sweden. We started as an innovative and unconventional art collective, inspired by the Renaissance’s ideas of creativity, innovation, and cross-border collaboration. Today, we work globally within the hospitality and experience industry with a mix of large chains and small entrepreneurs. Although we’re probably best known for our projects within the world of hotels and restaurants, our work also includes property development, offices and co-working spaces, themed attractions, resorts and destinations.


creating extraordinary guest experiences

Our holistic method of combining business and concept development, storytelling, interior architecture, branding and design, is a proven way to create truly memorable guest experiences and to generate PR as well as long-term revenue. It often involves a broader view of a specific city or neighbourhood, taking city planning and placemaking into close consideration. The result is impact and change, more attention, longer queues, bigger smiles and commercial success. In other words - hospitality design extraordinaire.

Stylt Circles

the mantra

All our projects end up with attractive brands and striking interior design, but that is rarely where it all begins. For us, a strong design concept is always the result of extensive research and in-depth understanding of the premises and the local market, of the history and vision of a neighbourhood, a community, or a city. Storytelling is our tool for bringing places and brands to life, and a communicative resource that gives a genuine competitive advantage.

A Stylt-made narrative is the red thread of the concept, guiding every aspect of development, from brand positioning to final decoration. The result is consistent, engaging, memorable - and marketable - design and customer experiences with a sense of place. Furthermore, our concepts are well insulated against fluctuating trends and can leverage the guest herself as a marketer and influencer. And therefore, we never shoot the film before we write the script.

the Mantra